Trustworthy Baby Nurseries in Newcastle under Lyme

Trustworthy Baby Nurseries in Newcastle under LymeRainbow Day Nursery is proud to offer top-notch baby nurseries in Newcastle under Lyme. Selecting the right baby nursery can be a daunting decision for parents. Day care nurseries usually accept children from age of zero to five years. The best way to find a good nursery is to visit a few good ones in your local area and compare the level of personal care, educational activity, hygiene, sanitation and so on. Another important deciding factor is staff quality. Are they friendly and caring? Do they appear to be efficient and warm? One of the biggest problems with day care centres in the UK is the low adult-to-child ratio. It’s common to find nurseries that employ one adult for as many as 30 children! For the best care for your child, it’s advisable to look for a day care nursery that guarantees a high adult-child ratio.

Parents prefer Newcastle under Lyme baby nurseries that offer a high adult-child ratio. Rainbow Day Care Nursery is happy to provide one qualified practitioner for every 8 children. This way you can be assured that your child will receive the attention and care that he deserves. They are a registered day care nursery (beware of unregistered day care centres – unfortunately, there are several!) and work hard to provide a homely, safe and welcoming environment for their young charges. Moreover, they are pleased to get to know your child on a personal level and strive to cater to individual needs. Before deciding on a baby nursery, talk to other parents and listen to their opinions.

While looking for baby nurseries in Newcastle under Lyme, choose one that has clearly established policies regarding timings, activities, food and so on. Rainbow Day Care Nursery has consistently enjoyed positive reports from the Ofsted inspectors and they guarantee a wholesome educational experience along with inculcating sound values. For further details regarding their services, contact Rainbow Day Care Nursery for the best baby nurseries.

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