Childcare Centre in Hanley

Childcare Centre in HanleyFinding a childcare center in Hanley is made easier than most other areas, thanks to Rainbow Day Nursery. Entering their 30th year this month, they have extensive experience in caring for babies and children from all walks of life. Understanding the individual needs of each child can be difficult if you do not understand the nature of children. When you understand who they are, you are able to meet them on their level and help them understand, learn and achieve their potential. All staff are well trained with extensive experience, making this daily occurrence seamless and highly effective.

In Hanley, childcare center staff at Rainbow day nursery spend their days playing with the children in their care. Understanding that learning happens most effectively when fun and creativity are involved they offer children a wide variety of learning activities. Learning through play is a principle practiced daily. Walking in their door at any time of day one can see this. Finding the right balance between comfort and challenge, they will help your children thrive and grow without feeling pressured to do so.

Whether you send your child to a childcare center in Hanley to learn or to play, you can rest assured that sending them to Rainbow Day Nursery is a choice that will benefit your child for years to come. A low staff turnover helps children to feel safe and secure in their environment allowing for trust to develop with carers. A child’s emotional well-being directly impacts on their physical and cognitive development. Ensuring a stable environment helps children learn, play helps them feel secure and have fun. Fun again, helps them learn. Offering a happy, safe and fun environment to help develop an independent, clever and happy child is what Rainbow day nursery aim for. If this is what you too aim for, pop in and have a look around. For more information about a childcare centre, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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