Child Day Care in Madeley Heath

child day care in Madeley HeathDo you need child day care in Madeley Heath as you plan on returning to work? This is a difficult decision for all mothers. They are worried about the health and welfare of their child. A simple babysitting service provided by a neighbour is inadequate because it doesn’t satisfy a child’s social and emotional requirements. The best solution is to find a child day care centre near your residence.

For parents living in Madeley Heath, child day care services are provided by Rainbow Day Nursery. Our nursery has acquired a reputation for offering first class child care in the three decades that we’ve been open. At Rainbow Day Nursery, we fully comprehend how difficult it is for parents to entrust a third party in their child’s care. Being parents ourselves, we’ve created an environment at the nursery that helps children feel safe, nurtured and happy. Our day care services are suitable for children aged six weeks up to five years. We are open during regular office hours, between 7:30am to 6:00pm, 51 weeks out of the year. During their time with us, children will engage in several indoor and outdoor play activities as well as one-on-one time with staff. Parents bringing in their children for the first time are invited in for a settling-in period with their child. This will help your child get acclimated with our centre and staff, enabling you to gradually leave them for longer periods of time. At Rainbow Day Nursery, our staff is the reason behind our success. Each of them is a qualified childcare specialist who brings his or her own expertise and personality to the centre. We often work in conjunction with other specialists as well such as speech therapists and doctors, so that your child’s unique needs are met.

If you’re returning to work, you need to find an excellent child day care in Madeley Heath. When you need child day care for your child, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. As parents ourselves, we understand your concerns and are more than willing to answer all your questions.

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