The Perfect Childrens Nursery In Kidsgrove


The Perfect Children’s Nursery In KidsgroveĀ is right here at Rainbow Day Nursery. For your childs’ welfare and development, Rainbow can provide the right environment for them to grow mentally and physically within a safe and loving environment. For you and your child, sending at such a tender age-3 to 4-can be a daunting prospect. Happily, you are immediately assured your child will fit in quickly and easily at Rainbow Day Nursery giving you peace of mind they are well looked after.

It’s a fact of life that many working parents in kidsgrove to have to send their 3 to 4 yr old child to a children’s nursery. What they can gain from having their child at a designated children’s nursery as opposed to one within a school, is the fact that Rainbow can offer a more in-depth caring environment with the ‘child to adult’ ratio being 1 qualified practitioner to 8 children in contrast to 1 child to every 30 you get from a school nursery.

In addition, moving your child from a homely, familiar environment to another at such a tender age, can cause disruption as Rainbow’s team of dedicated and highly qualified practitioners are already familiar with the childs’ individual needs at ‘the’ childrens nursery in Kidsgrove.

For answers to any questions you may have, call now on 01782 661 619.



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