Are You Looking For Nursery Places For Babies in Newcastle Under Lyme?

Are You Looking For Nursery Places For Babies in Newcastle?Parents will get fussy when they start looking for nursery places for babies in Newcastle Under Lyme. This is because they want their babies to grow up in the best of environments. They want the best educational institution, they want their children to have fun at the nursery and they also want to be able to rely on the staff members to help the child develop their speech and motor skills. At the Rainbow Day Nursery, the young ones will be taken care of by the qualified and trained staff members. If you are looking for baby places, we are happy to announce that since the last batch has now joined the tweenie room, we have a couple of vacancies!

In Newcastle Under Lyme, you will find few nursery places for babies and among them is Rainbow Day Nursery, a childcare centre that has been in operation for nearly 30 years. We have been providing quality services to make sure that the children aged from 0 to 5 receive the best care while they are under our protection. As a nursery that tries to be the best in the field, we constantly strive and we have received the best reports from Ofsted inspectors. We are also registered with National Day Nurseries Association. Recently, a parent call and enquired about our opening hours and weeks, we informed him that we are opened from 7:30am until 18:00 and we are open 51 weeks a year. For working parents, this is a relief knowing that we will take care of their children while they are at work. You don’t have to worry because the children will be spending their time playing with their classmates, grow with them and we will practically be a second family to them.

If you wish, do not hesitate to check us out, one of the best nursery places for babies in Newcastle. At Rainbow Day Nursery, your child will grow in a safe and healthy environment. We provide the children with drinks and fruits throughout the whole day and we try to instil the best of practices and dietary choices as from a young age. We work closely with their parents to make sure that their wishes are respected. If you want any further information, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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