Exciting Holiday Fun Club in Hartshill

holiday fun club 3Are you looking for a holiday fun club in Hartshill where your kids can have a safe, enjoyable and interesting day? School holidays in summer can be quite a problem for working parents as they wouldn’t like to leave their kids at home alone. A babysitter is expensive and you’d still have to worry about cooking all meals and ensuring that the children are kept occupied. Given the kind of schedules, travel and erratic working hours that most parents have, some children may also require safety and care before and after school hours too. The best solution is a holiday club that provides affordable, top quality child care.

In Hartshill, holiday fun clubs may be run by schools, day care centers, individuals or private organisations. Sessions may last the whole day or for a few hours. They usually provide a safe, hygienic and comfortable environment for children up to the age of 12, with a wide range of activities to keep the children occupied. Many of them also have music or dance sessions, creative activities, organise day trips to nearby places, outdoor and indoor play, reading and writing activities, and play-way learning. There are different activities for different age groups. Older ones may have computer based games, cooking, making engineering models, craft and needlework, while the younger ones would enjoy finger painting, read aloud, or sing along sessions. Some holiday fun clubs in the Staffordshire region are affiliated to local nursery schools and the school bus may be used to transport the children.

Some of the fun things done in holiday fun clubs in Hartshill include greeting card making, marble painting, movie outings and quizzes. Top quality clubs like Rainbow Day Nursery are quite different from the regular ones which continue with the usual nursery based activities. Kids are taken for a variety of fun activities like bowling, canoeing, cinema, museums and swimming, which are all paid for by the club, including well cooked, fresh, hot meals, nutritious snacks, picnics and treats. If your child is under eight, ensure that the club is Ofsted registered. Pay a visit, ensure that the place is clean, safe, hygienic and well staffed by qualified professionals and work with trained child care specialists. For a holiday fun club, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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