Child Day Care in Chesterton

Child Day Care in ChestertonYou need to be vigilant when looking for child day care in Chesterton. Your children deserve the best, and you shouldn’t  make any compromises, regardless of the cost. All your child needs is  great care, being well looked after during your absence, learning new things and a good time socialising with his peers. A good day care nursery needs to have well trained staff, with good knowledge of children, as well as good relations with  parents. Lots of toys and some delicious meals, too!

In Chesterton, child day care options can be limited, so you look for a nursery that is well established and has a caring and knowledgeable staff. Think about visiting Rainbow Day Nursery, a well known child day care facility. They have 29 years’ experience in giving the best to the children of the area. This means that even some of the children from their first years are now bringing their children to Rainbow Day Nursery! They have both a baby nursery and kid’s nursery care facilities enabling them to cherish all children aged 0 to 5. During his stay here, your child will be served delicious dishes prepared by the nursery’s own cook. There is a breakfast and two-course lunch, made of fresh ingredients, and an afternoon tea, with fruits and drinks available throughout the day.

Rainbow Day Nursery employs highly qualified staff, making it the best option for child day care in Chesterton. All the employees have at least NVQ Level 3 in child care, with some of them working towards the Foundation Degree in this field. If you have concerns regarding your child’s abilities and development, at Rainbow Day Nursery you can find a Senco trained worker who will examine your child carefully to tell if he might have any developmental issues. You are always welcome to bring your children to the settling-in period, to see how your child will react when left to play on their own. This will be free of charge as Rainbow want to assure parents of the quality of child day care they offer. For an excellent child day care service, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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