Looking for a Good Child Care Centre in Bradwell?

Child Care Centre in BradwellOn the lookout for a good child care centre in Bradwell? Mothers who are at the end of their maternity leave may be searching for a suitable place for their babies when they need to return to work. Usually, their primary concern is whether the establishment will provide the same type of care and comfort that the child receives at home. Apart from the quality of care, factors like social interaction, intellectual stimulation, cleanliness, staff experience and expertise are other points that mothers will consider when choosing child care.

In Bradwell, a child care centre with an impeccable reputation is Rainbow Day Nursery. They have been in operation for over 26 years and worked hard to garner a reputation that stands for quality, trust and care. At Rainbow Day Nursery, the attention to and protection of a child is the first goal of all staff at the center. Providing children with a safe and stimulating environment is their next goal, which they accomplish through the provision of a playroom, secure outdoor play areas, a self-contained baby room, quiet rooms, all-weather play areas, as well as a lawned garden that contains climbing frames, swings and slides. In terms of nutrition, a full time cook is on staff who will prepare delicious and nutritious home style meals. At Rainbow Day Nursery, they provide breakfast, 2 course lunches and afternoon tea. Drinks and fruits are accessible throughout the day. All staff at the nursery have a minimum NVQ Level 3 qualification in child care techniques, while some have a Foundation Degree. To help ensure that Rainbow Day Nursery also performs at an optimal level, the centre receives frequent visits from inspectors. This provides parents with reassurance that the child care facility is always being maintained. When your child comes into the nursery for the first time, a settling period is encouraged so that both of you can get comfortable in the new settings.

If you are looking for the best child care centre in Bradwell, then consider Rainbow Day Nursery. The centre encourages parents to come down for a visit so that they can get a firsthand glimpse of what they do and how they manage the place. For the best child care centre, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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