Need a Stellar Childcare Centre in Newcastle Under Lyme?

Childcare Centre in Newcastle Under LymeAs a parent, you might face the dilemma of sending your child to a childcare centre in Newcastle Under Lyme, hiring a nanny or finding someone to look after your child when you start working again. Parents often find this choice a tough decision to make, and some stay-at-home mothers or fathers might feel pressured to send their young child to day care centres because it’s the norm. However, before you make a decision based on what others are doing, it might be helpful to understand your child’s needs and how putting him or her in a nursery might actually be of benefit to them.

In Newcastle Under Lyme, a childcare centre that is a registered nursery, is Rainbow Day Nursery. Recently, a concerned parent wanted to know whether it was time to send her child to school. Even though the parent was about to start working, she was anxious about separating from her child and sending her to the nursery which would be a completely new environment for her. The staff members informed her that it would be a lot better for the child and that she would get used to the nursery in no time. On top of that, being in the nursery will provide the child with the opportunity of making friends, she will keep busy with a number of activities such as singing, playing, and learning new things. Nurseries are normally inspected and they have to maintain a high standard of safety and education, on top of that, the staff are trained in children’s education and you can be sure that your child will benefit in ways that they will not if they stay at home or with a parent.

Rainbow Day Nursery, a great childcare centre in Newcastle Under Lyme, is registered with both Ofsted and the National Day Nurseries Association. The childcare centre has been providing their excellent services for over 26 years and they are open 51 weeks a year, from 7 30am to 6pm. If you are interested to know more about the day nursery, you can give them a call or pay them a visit. To find out more about a stellar childcare centre, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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