Kids Nursery in Silverdale

Kids Nursery in SilverdaleRainbow Day Nursery, a Kids nursery in Silverdale, is a fantastic place for your child to learn and thrive while Mum and Dad do grown-up things. If you want to find out how fantastic it is, take your 6 week to 5-year-old child for a settling-in period. The settle-in period is such a good idea for parent and child because it gives both an opportunity to adjust to separation by gradually lengthening the time apart. Since the staff of Rainbow Day Nursery want you and your child to be happy with your child care decision, the settling-in period is free of charge. During the settling-in period in parents will have an opportunity to observe the age appropriate educational and play activities prepared for children.

In Silverdale, kid’s nursery Rainbow Day Nursery is proud of their professional staff. All staff has achieved a minimum NVQ Level 3 and some are seeking higher levels. They have trained to work with children and they love their work and the kids. Meals and snacks including afternoon tea are prepared on site by the cook from fresh ingredients. Rainow Day Nursery has earned the healthy eating award. Their next goal is the healthy lifestyle award. That award includes not only healthy eating but also the right amount of physical activity. To help achieve that goal their facility offers an indoor play area as well as an outdoor grassy area. In addition there is an all-weather safety surfaced outdoor play area. There is plenty of open space and opportunity for children to develop those large motor skills.

If you are in need of a kid’s nursery in Silverdale because both parents are working outside the home, Rainbow Day Nursery is ideal. They are open from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. to accommodate most working hours. The facility is conveniently located within a two-minute walk of Newcastle under Lyme town centre and Newcastle College. The facility is a two-minute drive from University Hospital of North Staffordshire. Rainbow Day Nursery welcomes you to stop in and tour their childcare facility. They make every effort to meet the parents’ wishes for their child’s care as well as offer supportive advice and counselling to address any concerns. Rainbow Day Nursery has been a superior level of care and education since 1986. For more about a kids nursery, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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