Nursery Places for Babies in Keele

Nursery Places for Babies in KeeleNursery places for babies in Keele have to be extraordinary because they are the parent-substitute during the day. Finding excellent care for a precious child during the day when you’re at work is an important task. A tiny baby’s development depends on excellent care. You want a nursery where the staff interact with the children in a kind, understanding and caring way and where their open-door policy means you can pop in whenever you wish. Rainbow Day Nursery is a wonderful place where a baby can be nurtured and stimulated in a safe, attractive environment. They opened in 1986 and have acquired an exceptional reputation for providing excellent childcare and education.

In Keele, nursery places for babies like Rainbow Day Nursery offer unequalled benefits. They are the one nursery which can give parents peace of mind regarding their little one’s happiness and wellbeing during the day. Situated just two minutes walk from Newcastle under Lyme town centre, they cater for tiny babies from 6 weeks of age to children of 5 years of age. Once a child has settled in, and you’ve seen the lovely indoor- and outdoor places, you can be sure your child will be more than happy to wave goodbye to you each day.

Nursery places for babies in Keele are open 51 weeks of the year. Your baby will be nurtured throughout the entire year except on bank holidays and for one week over Christmas when the nursery closes. Rainbow Day Nursery understands that it is far more stressful for a parent to drop a new-born off than an older child. Rainbow Day Nursery provides parents with confidence that their tiny new born will be in the best hands, and that parents will receive updated information on their precious infant’s development. They know too that tiny babies will soon need more than just milk, and they have special nutrient-rich meals designed to ensure your baby is strong and healthy from day one. For more information about nursery places for babies, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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