Kids Nursery in Hanley

Kids nursery in HanleyKids nursery in Hanley, Rainbow Day Nursery was established over 26 years ago and offers child care for children from 0 to 5 years old, in either the baby nursery or for older children in the kids nursery. With it being usual for both parents to be working the care of the little ones is always a worry. They need constant attention and stimulation. It is very important that they learn to socialise with their peers and how to behave in a socially acceptable manner. As they get a little older they need to begin a very simple and basic education and as apparent this is difficult enough to try to do even if you are at home with them all day. They need a number of friends which is difficult to provide but at Rainbow Day Nursery they are provided with all this and more.

In Hanley, kids nursery is a happy fact of life as your child will make friends and have a wonderful time. An in house cook prepares all the meals for the children and the babies have a special menu as well. The very little ones are kept in the baby nursery until they are old enough and more mobile to integrate carefully with the older children. The older children all eat their meals together and are taught manners and table etiquette during meal time. They are also taught to share and to resolve conflicts peacefully. It is often remarked on that our children have very good manners. As the children get older they are slowly integrated into learning through play. Finger painting although messy teaches them colour and texture and they are encouraged to be curious about everything.

Kids nursery in Hanley is the stepping stone to school and in the last year they are taught through fun games basic literacy and numeracy. There is an outdoor playground where the children can play and exercise on swings and climbing frames. An indoor all weather play area is also used where they can play with bikes and cars. When they are ready for school they have learned all the basics and will adjust to school very quickly. To find out more about a kids nursery, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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