Nursery Places for Babies in Cross Heath

nursery places for babies in Cross HeathWhen looking for nursery places for babies in Cross Heath, look no further than Rainbow Day Nursery. Every parent knows that there comes a time children need to go to school. No matter what your situation, Rainbow Day Nursery are there to assist you. It’s never easy sending little ones off to nursery school. Even harder still sending infants. Knowing they are in a safe environment, with qualified and caring staff will make things just that much easier for parents and children alike. To assist you and your child adjust and feel comfortable with being there, they encourage a ‘stay and play’ settling in period where you and your child can learn about the fun activities to be had at ‘school’.

In Cross Heath, nursery places for babies at Rainbow Day nursery are available from 6 weeks old, right up until 5 years old. For 3 to 4 year old children there is the possibility of free placement through an education grant scheme. Ensuring that your child is well prepared to adjust to “big school”, a range of topics are covered in the fun curriculum, including literacy, numeracy, communication and even physical development. Having a self-contained baby room means that babies can sleep and play at their own schedules and not be disturbed by the routines of the older children. They also have a play room, a quiet room and a range of safe outdoor play equipment ensuring your child has access to all the best for their development.

Nursery Places for babies in Cross Heath with Rainbow Day Nursery is an excellent choice. Their consistent positive feedback from inspectors, their well trained and qualified staff who choose to stay with them and their great friendships with many of the parents should all speak as a testament to their excellence. If you are still not sure they are the right fit for you, pop in and have a look. The staff look forward to meeting you and your little one. For more information about nursery places for babies, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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