Child Care in Cross Heath

Child Care in Cross HeathChild care in Cross Heath doesn’t come better than at Rainbow Day Nursery. You want to know that your child is in the safest of hands at all times. Will your precious treasure be looked after in the same way that you would do it? Leaving your child in a nursery for the day does not have to be a difficult or scary experience, for you or your child. When Rainbow Day Nursery is caring for your child, you can feel confident that they are getting exceptional care. Rainbow Day Nursery has stood the test of time and has been serving the child care needs of the community for 26 years. They have an exceptional reputation and parents know that Rainbow Day Nursery is the right choice for their child.

When you live in Cross Heath, child care is not something you need to worry about. Rainbow Day Nursery is a wonderful organisation and your child will be happy to spend his or her days there. Children from the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years are welcome at Rainbow Day Nursery. The facilities at Rainbow Nursery are age appropriate and include indoor and outdoor activities. Your child will be stimulated and engaged throughout the day and Rainbow Day Nursery is a rich learning environment. By the time your child leaves the Nursery at 5 years old, they will be well equipped to deal with the rigours of schools.

Once you have chosen child care in Cross Heath, it is helpful to be able to spend some time at the nursery of your choice. This is something that Rainbow Day Nursery encourages. Parents are welcome to spend time at the nursery, leaving your child for short periods, until you are comfortable. Why don’t you contact Rainbow Day Nursery today about their child care facilities? They welcome visitors and they will happily show you around with no obligations, and let you see what a typical day would entail for your child. When you see how happy the children are at Rainbow Day Nursery, your fears will be put to rest.

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