Child Day Care in Knutton

Child Day Care in KnuttonWhen you find that you need child day care in Knutton, selecting the best place is obviously your goal. To find out about the available child care centers, stop by the center, unannounced and see how they are run. You can tell if the children are happy and content in the facility. Ask a lot of questions when you are at the location. The best center is one that will provide appropriate play areas for your child’s age group, and also provide a good learning environment. Check for both indoor and outdoor play areas. Check on the menu of food that is offered for breakfast and lunch. Your child’s security is an important factor as well.

While looking for a good child care center, make a list of important factors and just make sure the one you select checks all the boxes. In Knutton, child day care is available through the leading nursery in the region, Rainbow Day Nursery. We provide high quality and loving care for children from 0 to 5 years old. We have been in business for over 26 years, and have built a solid reputation for happy and well cared for children. A welcoming, happy and safe place for your child is what we aim to provide. We are Ofsted and National Day Nurseries Association registered. We have both a baby nursery and a kid’s nursery. We are open 51 weeks a year, Monday through Friday.

You will want excellent child day care in Knutton for your child when you are out at work. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery for more information regarding their child day care services.  You can also stop by and take a tour of the facility. You will see happy, secure children playing together and learning new things each day. We pride ourselves on helping parents get their little ones ready to start school when the time comes.

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