Kids Fun Club in Madeley Heath

Kids Fun Club in Madeley HeathIf you’re looking for a safe, comfortable and cheerful environment outside of home for your precious darlings, Rainbow Day Nursery’s kids’ fun club in Madeley Heath is your best bet. With more than three decades of keeping your kids protected and happily occupied, we enjoy an enviable reputation in the area for top-quality child-care and early learning for children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years. We have excellent facilities for both indoor and outdoor play that’s completely supervised and allows your children to explore the world around them in a secure and fun way. We offer a range of activities that address the creative, intellectual, emotional and developmental needs of children. Our fully-trained staff, who have a minimum of NVQ Level 3 certification and also a Senco trained worker on site if you need advice on your child’s development and special needs (if any). We also offer contact and consultation with professionals like speech and play therapists, and health visitors.

Our team provides the convenience of a brief “settling-in period” for both mums and kids to make the experience a joyful and comfortable one for both. In Madeley Heath, kids fun clubs are also meant for older children to explore creative arts like painting, music, playing with blocks and age-appropriate toys and educational equipment. Our kids love it here; one of the reasons being our full-time cook who serves up delicious hot meals prepared from farm-fresh ingredients, perfect for young taste-buds. Meals consist of breakfast, lunch and tea, with fresh fruits and juices available throughout the day. And in case you’re concerned about your child’s weight or lack of it, we closely monitor each child’s needs and ensure that they get the right amount of suitable play and outdoor exercise.

The kids fun club in Madeley Heath provides enough intellectual stimulation to enhance your child’s intelligence and emotional development. Socialisation, co-operative play, sharing and learning to form friendships are some of the ways in which your child would benefit from such environments. For more information about our kids fun club, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. Pay us a visit and see why children are happy to be at our nursery.

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