Child Care in Audley

Child Care in AudleyWhen you think about child care in Audley what kind of day do you visualise for your child? You probably want a sparkling clean environment where your child can play with age appropriate toys and learn new skills. You may feel it important that your child be gently guided through the early stages of learning to prepare for school. You would want them to have a safe area to play both indoors and out under watchful supervision. Proper child care is not a babysitter. Ideally, you will want a staff made up of mature and well-educated people drawn to their profession by a love of children. You will find all this and much more at Rainbow Day Nursery. We have a baby nursery and a child nursery up to age 5. We have been established for 26 years and have a low turnover rate of staff.

Mums who work outside the home and seek child care for their children often feel guilty because they are leaving them in the hands of strangers. In Audley, child care guilt is something we understand. We would like to suggest an alternative view for you to consider. If you stayed home all day with your child he or she would have your undivided attention. One on one all day every day can be wearing. Would your child have other children to associate with to learn sharing and social skills? Even small children learn from each other. We are not strangers for long. Your child quickly accepts the nursery and people associated with it as a normal part of his life.

Children usually look forward to attending child care in Audley. You’re providing your child with a warm loving environment in the company of other children while you spend time you need in the adult world. With mornings, evenings and weekends together, it creates a nice balance for both of you. To find out more about our child care services, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. Come visit us and tour our facility. Have lunch freshly prepared by our own cook and meet our staff and children. We think you will agree that you have nothing feel guilty about and every reason to feel confident your child is well cared for and happy.

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