Day Nursery in Madeley

Day Nursery in MadeleyA day nursery in Madeley is the place where we teach your children to socialise with their peers. We take all ages from babies that are nurtured in the nursery to children who need to be taught how to cope with school. All our children are treated as individuals and are given the opportunity to express themselves in many mediums. We instil the benefits of good manners and correct behaviour so that when our children go to school they are keen to learn and always polite. There is so much fun to be had at our day nursery that the little ones cannot wait to get here in the mornings. We find that the best way to learn is through play. It is also the way to learn sharing and concern for friends. Although it is wonderful to be at home with a parent it becomes very difficult for these children to integrate with others at school.

When you have to go back to work after having a baby in Madeley, day nursery services are an important consideration for all mothers and fathers. We look after your child when you cannot and in the process we help them to make friends and learn new things. We have noticed that their vocabulary grows extremely quickly when they interact with their own age group. Some find it a little difficult at first but our caring teachers give them the encouragement they need. Our highly qualified teachers slowly begin to get the children to the right level of competency for school. The last thing you need if for a child to start school and because they struggle, they hate going. This could last their whole school career.

A day nursery in Madeley is a place of safety and fun. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery today and book your little one in. It may take a few days but your child will very soon be brought to us every morning. This is how by working together we can give your child the best start in life.

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