Nursery Places in Knutton

Nursery Places in KnuttonWhen looking for nursery places in Knutton, there are many things to consider before making your final choice. As a parent, you want the best for your child and this includes the nursery where he will spend a large part of his day. We are Ofsted and National Day Nurseries registered, and our staff is highly qualified. Our premises is secure with the required security fencing to ensure that all are safe within the property. These are some of the important issues that parents should be aware of when choosing a nursery place for their child.

Rainbow Day Nursery was opened in 1986 and since then it has built a reputation by helping several generations grow up in a caring, loving environment outside of the home. In Knutton, nursery places staff holds a qualification of NVQ Level 3 or higher in childcare, and we have an on-site Senco trained worker who can help you with more information concerning the development of your child. We also work closely with experts in other fields of child development, including speech therapists, and play therapists. Our ‘stay and play’ programme allows you to stay with your child until he adjusts to the new environment. This is also a good idea to see if you like how things are run within the nursery.

Nursery places in Knutton provide a clean, safe happy environment for children. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery if you are looking for more information about nursery places. We will ensure your child will start school with all the basic skills required, as we work within the early year foundation stages that help children adapt quickly to school life. Included in our fun curriculum is physical development, literacy, communication skills, phonics and numeracy. Children are taught to be kind and caring towards each other and to enjoy their new friendships. Over the years, we have received excellent reports from the Ofsted inspectors for the good manners and exemplary behaviour of our children.

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