Holiday Fun Club in Silverdale

Holiday Fun Club in SilverdaleWe have a holiday fun club in Silverdale for children aged up to 5 years of age. This allows parents to take their older children who feel they are too big for a nursery to a holiday fun club, which just happens to be at a nursery. Little ones have a great sense of their own dignity and as they are almost ready for proper school feel they are too big for a nursery. Our holiday fun club allows them to learn while having fun and making friends.  We have art of all kinds and a wonderful playground where they can explore in safety.

Your child needs to feel independent before they start school. In Silverdale, a holiday fun club meet the criteria. We allow the children to enjoy themselves while quietly teaching them skills that they will need once they go to school. We teach colours and numbers through fun activities so that without realising it, they are learning. We instill a sense of responsibility in the children and they are really proud of their achievements and cannot wait to tell Mum and Dad how well they have done. These are essential steps for youngsters to make as they need the confidence it brings to allow them to start school feeling that they can handle it with ease.

Our holiday fun club in Silverdale is a place for older children nearing school age. Contact Rainbow Nursery today and book your little man or lady in.  We have a cook who prepares healthy, nutritious food for the children starting with breakfast. There is a two course lunch and an afternoon tea which is eaten at table where manners are taught.  We are open for 51 weeks a year from 7.30am to 6.00pm we close for bank holidays and for one week over Christmas. Your child is safe and secure with us and learning to socialise with their peers which is a most important social skill, especially if they are an only child or have younger siblings.

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