Childcare in Knutton

childcare in KnuttonDon’t wait until baby arrives to find childcare in Knutton. You will feel more content if you have settled on your perfect day nursery before your child is born. This is when you have the time and energy to put into selecting childcare providers. Once your maternity leave is over and it’s time to return to work the transition to childcare will go smoothly. Rainbow Day Nursery would like to invite you to visit our facility, spend time observing our children in all age groups and asking the questions that are so important to you. Imagine your infant being lovingly cared for in our quiet nursery set apart from the toddlers and preschoolers. Our retention rate for caregivers is high so you can expect continuity of care during baby’s early months.

At Rainbow Day Nursery, we believe continuity of care is important throughout the stages from infant to toddler to preschooler. That is why in Knutton, childcare at Rainbow Day Nursery brings your child along with appropriate learning activities geared to all levels of development. As your child grows from nursery to toddler he or she will learn self feeding and social skills. Educational toys are provided for the development of large and small motor skills in both indoor and outdoor play areas. As your child moves into the four- and five year old group they will be introduced to letters, numbers, reading and math concepts. At the end of the 5th year, your child will be well equipped to succeed in school. Best of all, your child achieved all this growth and knowledge in the same familiar facility with many of the same familiar faces.

After 30 years of childcare in Knutton, we at Rainbow Day Nursery are pleased to occasionally welcome second generation children into our care. Our highly qualified staff, many with a Foundation degree in childcare are equipped to meet your child’s needs including special needs. Nutritional needs are met by our cook who provides healthy and child friendly breakfast, lunch and tea with fruit and drink snacks offered throughout the day. We place great value on nutrition and exercise as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery and come by for a tour of our facility. We have happy and healthy children here and isn’t that what you want for your child?

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