Nursery Places in Cross Heath

Nursery Places in Cross HeathSome parents choose Rainbow Day Nursery above other nursery places in Cross Heath because as small children, this was their day nursery. We have been caring for children age 6 weeks to 5 years for over thirty years. We attribute our longevity to our dedication to the children and their parents who place their trust in us. We are grateful to have a large, well-maintained facility with room for all age groups and activities. Our chef prepares wonderful meals and our caregivers are experienced and well trained. The curriculum for each age level is followed precisely so by the time a child leaves us at age 5, they are ready for big school. We have all the amenities you would expect in a first class nursery but at the end of the day we believe it all comes down to our clever and loving staff.

The proximity of Rainbow Day Nursery to a strong workforce in Lyme town centre, Newcastle College and The University Hospital has been advantageous for us. It is also beneficial for the local workforce needing, in Cross Heath, nursery places that offer extensive early childhood education. Each year some children age out and young ones take their place but we remain a family of parents, child care providers and children working together for the good of the family. This is how our staff makes its living and we feel privileged to share our teaching with your children. The quality of nursery care we would want for our own small children is what we offer to yours.

We encourage you, as you look for nursery places in Cross Heath, to pay us a visit. There is nothing like spending time with us as we go through our daily routines to see for yourself how happy the children are and how well they learn at each level. You can examine the safety measures we have in place for both our indoor and outdoor play areas. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery to schedule a visit or pop by when you are in the neighbourhood. This is a happy place and we think you and your child will enjoy being part of the Rainbow Day Nursery family.

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