Nursery Places in Silverdale

Nursery Places in SilverdaleIf you, as a concerned parent, are looking for the best nursery places in Silverdale for your child, why not visit us at Rainbow Day Nursery. We understand how anxious you must feel in choosing the most suitable nursery for your young child. If you are returning to work after a leave of absence, you’ll want to be confident that your child is well cared for during the day. At Rainbow Day Nursery, we provide a ‘home away from home’, specially designed to meet the needs of the children in our care.

We offer a happy and secure place for children aged 0 to 5 years. In Silverdale, nursery places must meet certain criteria to ensure your child is safe, happy and receives a quality preschool education. We have provided excellent child care for 30 years and we are registered with both Ofsted and the National Day Nurseries Association. Our staff is dedicated, compassionate and highly trained. We welcome visitors, so why not pay us a visit? You will see that provide a clean, spacious and happy environment for the children in our care. You will also notice just how happy the children at our nursery are. With different, age appropriate classes for all the age groups catered for in our nursery, each child has the opportunity to learn while playing, and to have fun while doing so. We are also proud of the standard of our education, ensuring your child is school ready when he is old enough to go to ‘big’ school.

Nursery places in Silverdale should provide nutritious meals for the children. We offer freshly prepared home cooked meals, lovingly made by our full time chef. Only quality, fresh products are used in all the meals. We offer breakfast, a 2 course lunch, as well as afternoon tea to our children. Fruit juice and water are available throughout the day. For more information about reputable nursery places, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. Our nursery is a happy, safe place for children to be during the day – a home away from home.

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