Holiday Fun Club in Cross Heath

Holiday Fun Club in Cross HeathEnrolling your child to our holiday fun club in Cross Heath is a great alternative to having them stay at home over the break. Our fun club is filled with loads of activities that will keep them learning throughout. They also encourage your child to be physically active by playing games and the puzzles and various board games both challenge and increase their mental prowess. This is perfect for an all-round growth so that your child’s development is enhanced. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to interact with children from various backgrounds thereby expanding their world-view from a young age. Moreover, your child will learn other skills such as portraying emotions appropriately so that they can be understood, among other things.

Rainbow Day Nursery is a leading day nursery that provides quality childcare for children up to 5 years old. In Cross Heath, holiday fun club enhances curiosity thanks to the equipment that we have on our premise. We understand that not all of the equipment may be available at home so exposing them to such equipment and learning materials will go a long way in adding on to their learning ability. We provide a happy and safe environment so that children can learn and grow. Our staff is dedicated to providing care so that your child remains safe while with us. Our hands-on approach has enabled us to cultivate discipline in the children we look after –  another reason to have your own kids join us at our holiday fun club. We have a self-contained baby room, playroom, quiet rooms and a wonderful range of safe and secure outdoor facilities. Your child will never complain of boredom.

Our holiday fun club in Cross Heath is the perfect extra-curricular programme for your children. It will be beneficial to them especially in this age of the Internet and technology. Contact us today to find out how your child can make the most of his or her holiday period. We work closely with parents in order to ensure their children’s needs are met while they are under our care.

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