Kids Nursery in Audley, Home Away from Home for Your Child

Kids Nursery in AudleyWhen it’s time to find a kids nursery in Audley, go with experience and choose Rainbow Day Nursery. We are here for your children from birth through five. These are critical formative years in your child’s life and we know you want his or her environment to be supportive. We are equipped to care for and support your child from infancy to toddler and then to preschooler getting ready for big school. We do all that starting with a well appointed facility that is clean, safe and visually stimulating. Each development level and age group is well supplied with educational toys to help small and large motor skill development. As we progress through our days, the children learn manners and social skills. After participating in our preschool curriculum, they are ready for big school and filled with confidence.

At Rainbow Day Nursery, we often hear from school teachers that our children arrive better prepared than the average child. That’s so gratifying because in Audley, kids’ nursery is not just babysitting. Our caregivers are highly trained and experienced in child care and development. We experience a very low turnover rate. That’s particularly beneficial for the children. It allows for consistency in your child’s relationships with staff. We are one big family working alongside you to provide the best for your child. We want parents fully involved in our day to day progress so we maintain close communication. We are always available to address any concerns you may have and to answer questions or offer advice.

Your child will benefit as a participant in our kids nursery in Audley at Rainbow Day Nursery. Start your child at any age. They adapt quickly. However, we do invite you to contact us, visit us, meet our staff members and tour our facility. Spend some time with us as the children transition through their daily schedule. You’ll enjoy sharing lunch with us because we have our own chef who prepares fresh meals and healthy snacks just for us. Our nursery is a place where learning and growing is fun and interesting in a loving and nurturing environment. We think you’ll find we offer the very best day care experience for your child.

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