Day Nursery in Burslem – a Happy, Safe and Stimulating Environment for Your Child

Day Nursery in Burslem If you are looking for a suitable day nursery in Burslem for your young child, remember Rainbow Day Nursery. We look after children of ages ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. First established over 30 years ago, we continue to offer a safe, happy environment for young children in which to play and learn. Our day nursery is registered with both the National Day Nurseries Association and Ofsted. This means that our services are highly regarded and suitable for your young child. It is important to find a day nursery that you are comfortable with. One that has qualified practitioners and offers a stimulating daily programme. This is what you will find at our day nursery.

It can be challenging returning to work while your child is still small. In Burslem, a day nursery will provide you with peace of mind. When your child is enrolled at our day nursery, you can rest assured that not only is he happy and stimulated, but that he is safe and content. Young minds need appropriate nutrition in order to develop and grow. We offer carefully planned and prepared meals at our day nursery. These include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables along with plenty of fresh water to drink. Our meals are prepared daily by our in-house cook who takes pride and pleasure in preparing breakfast, a 2-course lunch and afternoon tea.

A day nursery in Burslem is available to care for your child. The children in our care have the opportunity to learn while they play. Our daily programme includes play in our well-equipped, secure outdoor area with bikes and cars along with a safety surfaced area including sings, climbing frames and a leaned garden. Our children learn social and communication skills. They also have the chance to develop their physical, cognitive, creative and emotional skills. If you’re looking for a safe and happy day nursery for your child, contact Rainbow Day Nursery today. You are more than welcome to pay us a visit and see how happy our children are. You’ll be relieved to find a day nursery where your child is both safe and content.

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