Nursery Places for Babies in Silverdale, Perfect for Your Child

Nursery Places for Babies in SilverdaleAre you looking for the right  nursery places for babies in Silverdale? Bring your bundle of joy to us at Rainbow Day Nursery and you’ll discover that it’s the perfect option. Moms and dads are always anxious about the quality of care, safety, physical, emotional and mental development of their young ones. They worry whether their little one will be happy here, and their needs will be understood and catered to. They also expect regular feedback about the status of the child and important information that should be shared with parents. Our team of highly trained, experienced experts is aligned to these exact goals too. With more than three decades’ experience in this sector, we’re proud of our reputation for outstanding service and care.

We cater to children between the ages of six weeks and five years of age. In Silverdale, nursery places for babies that we run are open 51 weeks in a year. We take one week off for Christmas so that you can enjoy the holidays with your precious little ones. This is a boon for working couples that cannot factor in long breaks in childcare services in the midst of their hectic schedules. Our facility is well equipped with both indoor and outdoor activities that will keep children with diverse interests fruitfully engaged. We have an all-weather safety surfaced and a separate grassy play area that allow children to enjoy activities regardless of the weather.

When you look for the right nursery places in Silverdale, timings and the cost would be top priority. Look for professionally trained and experienced staff that are responsive to the child’s needs. Clean, safe, hygienic surroundings, cultural sensitivity, fun activities and quiet times, exercise and play, nutritious meals, policies on disciplining and behaviour management are important aspects to check. Get in touch with Rainbow Day Nursery today about our nursery places for babies. Before you choose the right day care service or nursery for your baby, it’s important to list your needs and preferences. You may also have a certain budget in mind. Some aspects would come under the must-have category, while others can be low priority.

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