Top Quality Childcare at the Best Kids Nursery in Cross Heath

Kids Nursery in Cross HeathGet top quality childcare at the best kids’ nursery in Cross Heath. Like every parent, you want your child to grow in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment. Choosing the right nursery can make all the difference to your child’s future development. This is one of the most important decisions you will make. While there are several good ones in your neighbourhood and beyond, finding the perfect one to suit your child’s own unique requirements can be challenging. We have more than three decades’ experience in this sector. We’re delighted that several former students who are now parents choose to send their little ones to us.

For families in Cross Heath, kids’ nursery services that we provide are open 51 weeks of the year. We close for a week at Christmas and also on bank holidays. We are available from 7.30 am to 6 pm. Our in-house chef prepares delicious, child-friendly, nutritious meals. These timings are convenient for working parents and stay-at-home ones. If your child is 6 months of age or older, you can enroll them with us, and continue till he or she is five years old. Our staff has outstanding skills, qualifications and experience. In case you have concerns about your child requiring special attention, we have a Senco-trained expert in attendance. We also work in close collaboration with speech therapists, health visitors and play therapists. These experts enhance the quality of our services, and help your child to grow to her or his maximum potential.

We welcome visitors to our kids’ nursery in Cross Heath. This gives you a chance to get to know us, and evaluate the services for yourself. We know that every childcare centre is different, so we encourage questions. Our team can give you the right inputs. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery today and find out more about our kids’ nursery. Parents usually have questions about the activities and learning environment available. They are also concerned about the safety and comfort of their child. We encourage you to call in and see our place. You can also have a brief, free, settling in trial period. Leave  your precious little one with us for short periods so that they transition gradually into the Rainbow experience.

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