A Highly Regarded Facility Offers the Best Child Care in Audley

Child Care in AudleyChoose child care in Audley that aligns with your goals as a family. This is a major life decision that will impact your child and your relationships deeply and well into the future. As one of the oldest and most reputed facilities in the area, we are proud of our achievements. We offer a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment for your child. Physical, emotional and psychological wellness are of prime importance in our facilities. We are registered with both Ofsted and the National Day Nurseries Association. This is proof that we are well qualified to take care of your child.

As elsewhere, in Audley, child care services must be run according to certain standards. As parents, you entrust your precious child to us. We are fully aware of this huge responsibility. Looking after children, especially infants and toddlers is quite challenging. If both parents work outside the home, they will need support. Child care services are available at all levels of pricing and type. In general, these services range from private child-minders to nannies, child centres or creches, day nurseries, play groups and more. Some families have arrangements with friends, neighbours, grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings or other members of their extended family. While these are convenient and affordable options, you may not get the level of service that a professional facility provides.

Visit our facility and see the amenities for yourself as this will give you a good idea about the kind of child care in Audley that we provide. You can talk to us about the timings, cost and how your child will be cared for here. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery for more information. Our trained, experienced and qualified staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They can address all your queries. When you look at the children in our facility, you will notice how busy yet relaxed and confident they are. The premises are clean, hygienic, tidy and welcoming. We believe in cultural sensitivity and respect for the individual child and parents. Our carefully thought-out schedule includes play, exercise, quiet times, nutritious meals, social behaviour modelling, along with creative and fun activities.

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