The Right Kids Nursery In Chesterton



Rainbow Day Nursery offer The Right Kids Nursery In Chesterton that guarantees the welfare of your child within a safe and happy environment. Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Rainbow Day Nursery have been established over 26 years, in which time they have built up an enviable reputation as ‘the’ leading childcare nursery in the surrounding area.

From Chesterton to Rainbow Day Nursery, your journey is under 3 miles -just over 10 mins- making this a convenient kids nursery to bring your child to each day. Every provision is made to make your precious little one happy and contented when they are under the care of the highly qualified and experienced team at Rainbow, so you gain peace of mind you’re in good hands.

Registered with Ofsted and the National Day Nursery Association, as a kids nursery in Chesterton, they have the right credentials to enable them to provide a first class childacre service for the Staffordshire area. Open 51 weeks a year, Monday to Friday, they welcome children 0 to 5 with the capability to offer a structured framework that developes childrens’ base level of skills in all facets.

For more information, Rainbow Day Nursery openly welcome parents to come down and have a look round their facilities without any obligation to book a place.




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