Holiday Fun Club in Silverdale

holiday fun club 2Have you considered the holiday fun club in Silverdale offered by Rainbow Day Nursery? This nursery has been in the business of child education and childcare since 1986. They provide childcare, play and learning opportunities for children aged as young as 6 weeks up to 5 years old. Children have an opportunity to engage in both outdoor and indoor play facilities located at Rainbow Day Nursery. Rest assured all play areas are grassed and surfaced, minimizing injuries from falls. Unlike other day nurseries that have inconvenient work hours, Rainbow Day Nursery is open from 7:30am until 6:00pm, which perfectly coincides with normal working hours. All staff have a minimum NVQ Level 3 qualification in childcare, while some are in the midst of completing their Foundation Degree. Senco trained workers are also on board to assist parents with children who have special needs. During the summer holidays, many nurseries reduce their working hours but at Rainbow Day Nursery, a whole program of fun and excitement is in store.

In Silverdale, the Holiday Fun Club is hosted by Rainbow Day Nursery, which offers a stimulating and entertaining program for children during the school days. This club has many planned activities which are not restricted to the nursery, school halls or playgrounds. What makes the Holiday Fun Club different is that it includes a wide range of activities such as canoeing, swimming, cinema, and bowling to name a few. Best of all, all activities are paid for by the nursery. They also provide hot and nutritious meals, including treats, snacks and picnic lunches. The children really do have a fantastic time because they are engaging in activities that stimulate all of their senses.

Holiday Fun Club in Silverdale is a great holiday place for children. By enrolling your child in the Holiday Fun Club, not only will they have an amazing time during the summer holidays but also a memorable one! If you’re looking for quality and stimulating child care during the summer holidays, contact Rainbow Day Nursery and enroll your child in their holiday fun club.

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