Child Care in Middleport

Child Care in MiddleportDo you need a place for child care in Middleport? Rainbow Day Nursery provides excellent day care for babies and young children. This nursery is an ideal place for your young children to spend their day time playing, learning, growing and being looked after with nurturing care. It has been providing a safe and loving environment for children to learn for over twenty years. If you have a child or children of ages between six weeks and five, Rainbow Day Nursery can meet all your requirements as a parent and all the needs of your child.

In Middleport, child care services can be found all over, however, they are not all reliable. Rainbow Day Nursery has a reputation amongst parents that is reputable and second to none. Their friendly relationship with the parents and the way they handle children with utmost care is exceptional. You can be confident that your child will be in safe hands. They also allow  you to help your child settle in. This is a period where you stay with your little one during playtime and then gradually start to leave your child to go for play sessions on their own. Their facilities include a range of indoor and outdoor activity and play areas such as weatherproofed and grass areas for safe and educational play experiences.

Child care in Middleport that includes all the essential aspects of learning and nurturing can be found at Rainbow Day Nursery. Their staff are required to have at least NVQ level three qualifications. Speech and play therapists, health visitors and Senco trained workers are the types of professionals they work with and consult to ensure your child develops and grows healthily and all special needs are accommodated for. Educational games designed for children who are individual and develop differently are available to be enjoyed. The children get fed homemade meals that are healthy and include all nutrients required by children in order to grow. It is truly a fantastic environment for your child to be in to learn and have fun. For child care that leaves you and your child happy, contact Rainbow Day Nursery and have a look around their premises.

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