Kids Fun Club in Middleport

Kids Fun Club in MiddleportKids fun club in Middleport is the perfect place to leave your little ones while you are at work. Most parents have to work and need to be sure that their little ones are happy spending the day with friends and learning new things. Children are accepted from 6 weeks of age up to 5 years of age. If you are considering putting your child into a day care then try it out. Prospective nursery schoolers may bring their parents to spend a few days with them to gently ease them into the new routine. “Stay and play” helps to familiarise the children and having Mum or Dad with them enjoying the school will encourage them to quickly settle down and make friends.

If you want to keep the kids happy and entertained in Middleport, kids fun club is the place to be. Not only do they make friends, but they also learn about new ideas.  This is done gradually and in such a fun way that the children do not even realise that they are being made school ready. Arts and crafts as well as the basic numbers and letters are taught by qualified staff. During the breaks in the day they are served breakfast, a 2 course lunch and an afternoon tea by the full time cook. Children are encouraged to eat healthily with vegetables and fruit included in the meals. Awards are given for healthy eating and they are planning a healthy lifestyle award which encourages exercise as well as eating.

Kids fun club in Middleport has facilities for both indoor and outdoor play. This is important as it means the children can get exercise even on cold, wet days. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery today for more information about the kids fun club. Arrange a visit and see how much your child loves being there. Qualified staff will keep a close watch on your little one as they make lifelong friends and start to blossom. Some of their happiest days will be spent with friends, playing and learning in a safe and joyous environment.

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