Nursery Places for Babies in Burslem

Nursery Places for Babies in BurslemWhen seeking nursery places for babies in Burslem, young working parents may become anxious. Many feel guilt when they first place their infant in nursery and leave. Those are natural feelings most all of us have experienced. We settle in once we find the right caregivers in the right environment. Rainbow Day Nursery is just such a place. The staff partners with the parents to achieve the same goals. That goal is happy, healthy and well educated children. While your children are with us we encourage close communication about concerns and celebrations regarding your child. Our facility is a bright clean and safe environment for your child to play and learn at an age appropriate level.

Rainbow Day Nursery staff is highly trained and experienced in all areas of child development. In Burslem, nursery places for babies need special kinds of people on their staff. Some people are naturally warm and loving caregivers. They have a gift for relating to children. We actively seek those special people to care for your children at our facility. Adequate staff is critical for quality of care. Infants are particularly needful of lots of attention and cuddling. All young children need eyes on them at all times and a pair of helping hands to build or fix or soothe. There have been several studies done on the importance of continuity in a childes life. It seems to help them develop with greater ease. They build their skills, one upon the other, through the years in the same familiar environment. The continuity builds confidence and prepares them for each new step in life.

We think continuity of care is important for parents seeking nursery places for babies in Burslem. They are relaxed, knowing their children are cared for by familiar faces in familiar surroundings. If you have children aged newborn through 5, we invite you to contact Rainbow Day Nursery, or pay us a visit. Observe for yourself the interaction between our staff and the children. Share the fresh food prepared on site by our cooks. You will see that children become socialised but have quiet time when they need it. We have been caring for and educating children for 30 years so we welcome your enquiries.

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