Day Nursery in Newcastle under Lyme

Day Nursery in Newcastle under LymeChoosing a day nursery in Newcastle under Lyme can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of nurseries and without any doubt, one of these will be the place that your child will remember fondly when he/she is all grown up. A nursery is also the first place where they come into contact with society, where they might learn to talk and deal with a variety of people. To find more about the various nurseries available, a lot of parents often visit the places and meet the teachers. If you haven’t discovered our little space of haven yet, we would gladly welcome you to our lively and bubbling nursery.

Speak to Rainbow Day Nursery about nursery care for your child. In Newcastle under Lyme, a day nursery can cater for children of various ages. We were established 26 years ago, and we are now one of the most reputable nurseries in the area. We have welcomed so many children and helped them through their first years in school life. We have listened to them from the moment they started babbling and held their hands as they started to walk. One of the most important aspects for us is making sure that our nursery is always a welcoming place to our little babies and toddlers. We provide a safe, clean and happy environment to the children. The right environment will help the children grow in a well-adjusted manner which is important as their childhood will impact their behaviour in later years. We are registered with Ofsted and National Day Nurseries Association. If you are a working parent or couple, we understand that you will probably look at nurseries with the longest opening hours and we are pleased to inform you that we are open 51 weeks per year and start work from 7:30 am until 6 pm in the evening.

We will be happy to welcome your children to our day nursery in Newcastle under Lyme. If you would like more details about our day nursery, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. Our day nursery will certainly provide your children with the skills and knowledge he will need to make it to the next level in life, not to mention the wonderful memories as well.

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