Nursery Places in Bradwell

Nursery Places in BradwellSearch for nursery places in Bradwell if you are a working mother and need to find a safe place for your child during the day. Many parents with young toddlers have found themselves at this crossroads; should they stop working and leave it all up to their spouse or do they find a nursery to leave their children at and share the financial responsibility? At Rainbow Day Nursery, we do have a percentage of parents who find themselves in this dilemma and we can assure them that we provide the best environment for their children to be in while they are at work. We know all too well that life can be hard, especially for single parents, and that’s why the services we place at the disposal of parents are numerous and considerate.

We have a chef on-site here that prepares balanced hot meals for the children. In Bradwell, nursery places include drinks and fruits throughout the whole day in case the children get hungry. From a young age, we encourage eating healthy. To make sure that the children develop their motor skills, they are placed in the appropriate age group and will be encouraged to carry out activities that suit their ages. As such, they will not have the option to get bored and even if they do and need a break from playing or socialising, they can just rest. We don’t believe in imposing children to do certain specific tasks, we encourage and motivate them through story-telling and other strategies, and let them go at their own pace.

If you are worried about leaving your children in nursery places in Bradwell, we seriously encourage parents to accompany their children and be with them while they settle in. They will soon accommodate to the nursery and will even forget that you are there! You are more than welcome to pay us a visit, however, before you do so, please give us a call. We will be pleased to show you around.

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