Happy, Safe and Well-Established Childcare Centre in Biddulph

Childcare Centre in BiddulphIf you have a busy schedule and need help taking care of your children, consider our childcare centre in Biddulph. Child care is a sensitive subject that needs careful consideration before making a decision. You should evaluate the focus and ethos of the childcare centre where you want to take your child. The attitude and mentality of the staff are also important because they can imprint on your child. Your choice of a childcare centre begins with your goals. If you want your child to learn how to read and write, you should express your desire to the centre’s administration. The leadership should tell you how their program can incorporate your goals.

Our childcare centre is dedicated to enhancing your child’s performance holistically. In Biddulph, our childcare centre accommodates children from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We work to familiarise your child with numeracy, literacy and phonics. Hence, we find that such instruction prepares your child for school life. We dedicate ample time for your child to interact and play with other children. Interactive playtime enhances your child’s emotional intelligence, self-confidence and communication skills. We‘ve divided our centre into various sections to enhance the quality of our services. As such we have a playroom, quiet rooms, and a self-contained baby room. We also have ample outdoor facilities that are safe and child-friendly. Our children can enjoy our all-weather play area where they can ride bikes and cars. We have swings and climbing frames in a safety-surfaced area and a lawned garden for further recreation.

We have a dedicated team of experienced staff at our childcare centre in Biddulph. Our team is passionate about the work we do. We have been in operation for more than 30 years and have excellent feedback from the parents and children with who we have worked. Our kids are famed for being disciplined and having good manners. If you would like to visit our centre or know more about our childcare services, call Rainbow Day Nursery now. We are open 51 weeks of the year and are always keen to add new members to our family.

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