Child Day Care Centre in Leycett

Child Day Care Centre in LeycettIf you are in need of a child day care centre in Leycett then Rainbow Day Nursery can be of great help to you. It is important for the parents to choose the best day care centre for their children so that the comfort and safety of their children is ensured. The child day care centre should  provide a happy and safe environment to the children while the parents are running errands or are at work. In addition to this, the day care centre can also be instrumental in helping your child learn how to socialise with other kids. Trusting someone with their children can be hard for the parents and this is where Rainbow Day Nursery can be really helpful because they provide trusted and respected childcare service. They have qualified and experienced staff and they also offer cooked meals, snacks as well as outdoor and indoor playing activities.

In Leycett, the child day care centre that you choose for your child needs to be licensed and it should have a great reputation. This is what makes Rainbow Day Nursery such a great choice because in addition to being licensed and registered, they also have more than 26 years of experience. They can ensure development and positive learning of every single child that is left in their care. Rainbow Day Nursery also offers a wide range of outdoor facilities like a play area that has cars and bikes as well as a safety surfaced area that has climbing frames, lawn and swings so that your children can stay busy. They also have a curriculum containing phonics, literacy, numeracy, communication and physical development to ensure that your child gets prepared for school.

So, if you are in need of a child day care centre in Leycett then you should definitely get in touch with Rainbow Day Nursery. They are open seven days a week from seven thirty in the morning to six o clock in the evening. They provide convenience as well as peace of mind to parents who have to work during this time period. For more information about a child day care centre, you should contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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