Happy Child Day Care Centre in Silverdale

Child Day Care Centre in SilverdaleWhat is the importance of a child day care centre in Silverdale you might ask? We all want what is best for our children, don’t we? For starters, what is better than sending your child to a reputable nursery or school? You have to return to work and you have no other option and it is a troublesome feeling knowing that you have to be away from your child for the first time. Will they be happy, safe and properly stimulated – these are the biggest questions? Children have to learn to interact with others, share an also be school ready should the time arrive for “big” school.

In Silverdale, a child day care centre with 26 years of experience and where the teacher:child ratio is high, is just what you need to consider. Rainbow Day Nursery are registered with both Ofsted and the National Day Nurseries Association and are visited by inspectors on a regular basis. The ideal solution in nursery care would be where all aspects of the child’s development are addressed. This includes their emotional, physical, intellectual and cognitive development. The nursery premises contain a self-contained baby room, playroom, quiet rooms as well as a safe and secure outdoor facility. The outdoors include an all-weather play area where they can ride bikes and cars and enjoy a safety-surfaced area with swings and climbing frames nestled in a lawned garden. Children learn whilst they play and included in the curriculum is numeracy, literacy, phonics, physical development and communication. Plenty of fun and activities to keep the children busy and stimulated correctly don’t you think?

A child day care centre in Silverdale will then be the ideal place for your child. Rainbow Day Nursery knows the importance of teaching children to share, care and interact with one another. All staff are qualified in childcare and those that are not, are working towards their Foundation Degree. They also understand the fact that parents may have extended work hours, so they are open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6pm for 51 weeks of the year. To find out more about a dedicated child day care centre, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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