Child Care in Middleport

Child Care in MiddleportChild Care in Middleport at Rainbow Day Nursery is available from 07h30 to 18h00 for 51 weeks of the year.  We close for bank holidays and for a week at Christmas. All of our staff are qualified and are increasing their qualifications.  Parents who bring their children in for the first time are encouraged to stay a while and see how their child settles in. This can carry on for as long as is needed but they soon find that making new friends is more interesting than staying with Mum and Dad. We make learning fun and are pleased to see the pride on a child’s face when they have something to take home and show their parents.  Our full time cook prepares delicious meals with seasonal good quality fresh produce.  The cook prepares breakfast, a 2 course lunch and afternoon tea for the little ones.

Your babies and young children need a safe place to go during the day when you cannot be with them. In Middleport, child care experts will provide a secure place for them to make friends and start to socialise with others of their own age. This is very necessary as when they go to school they need to be able to develop healthy relationships and be able to interact with their class mates.
Child care in Middleport offers a safe and beneficial experience for your child.  Contact Rainbow Day Nursery today or come and visit us to see how happy and well adjusted our children are. We will take care of your child from the age of 6 weeks to school ready 5 year olds. We are celebrating 30 years of excellent child care and education.  Our facilities are specially designed with young children in mind, and we have indoor and outdoor play areas with all weather surfacing and a grassed play area. We encourage our little ones to expend energy in playing with their friends. It is great exercise and encourages sharing. Children also learn many skills while playing with their peers. We help the children learn to socialise with others of their age group and ensure they build up meaningful relationships.

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