Nursery Places in Keele

Nursery Places in KeeleIt can be hard to find reliable nursery places in Keele. Most parents tend to worry about so many aspects when they are sending their children to nurseries or even kindergartens. Children are sensitive small human beings that need a lot of care. On top of that, nurseries or kindergartens are among the first places where children come into contact with society and that’s where they will learn how to properly deal with other young members of the society. This is the foundation of their personality and character for life. If the nursery is not up to standards, they might not develop properly or have the wrong notions about fair dealings and so on.

For the past 26 years, Rainbow Day Nursery has been providing quality services. In Keele, nursery places include specially designed facilities. We have facilities that are ideal for children, safe, fun and intended to promote learning. The last thing a parent needs to be worrying about when they are at work is the safety of their children or their proper development. As such, we have a team of expert teachers and trained facilitators to help us in our tasks. We also work closely with play therapists, and health visitors. We have a full-time on-site cook who prepares delicious and balanced meals to encourage the children to eat healthily, instilling good life long habits.  We also encourage eating fresh fruits every day. We are open most days of the year from 7:30 in the morning up until 6:00 in the evening, seeking to make it a whole lot easier for parents who have to work long hours.

Nursery places in Keele are a child’s home away from home. If you would like to pay us a visit, we will be pleased to show you around the facility. For more details, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. At Rainbow Day Nursery, we work towards encouraging a healthy lifestyle, proper social etiquette and provide the children with games that will develop their motor skills, their memories and speech.

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