Child Care in Madeley Heath

Child Care in Madeley HeathExcellent child care in Madeley Heath is in huge demand and nobody understands the need for exceptional child care more than the parents. Parents are well aware that many nursery schools and day care centres have come under the spotlight because of inappropriate behaviours and conditions. They also know that a child care centre plays a huge role in shaping what the child will become as an adult, and it, therefore has to be a first class facility. At Rainbow Day Nursery, everyone is involved in ensuring that our place is safe, clean, bright, nurturing and happy. Our children are happy and they socialise and learn in a warm, loving environment structured around their age group and their needs.

At Rainbow Day Nursery, we are very aware that lovely bright, cheerful rooms, stimulating toys and caring teachers aren’t the only elements that make a quality day care centre. In Madeley Heath, child care has to be about being able to play indoors and out, the chance to eat healthy food, the chance to enjoy days that are structured and the chance to have lessons that aren’t sophisticated but instead pleasurable and appropriate to the child’s age. We keep our parents updated on what we’re doing at our school and we also follow an open-door policy where parents can arrive unannounced any time. We’re licensed and accredited, our rates are very competitive and we offer discounts for those parents who have more than one child with us.

If you would like to find out more about child care in Madeley Heath, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. We’ve been providing excellent child care for 30 years and we’re registered with both Ofsted and the National Day Nurseries Association. We’re open 51 weeks of the year and cater for little ones from 0 – 5 years. We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage so that the older children have a good base level of skills when they move up to primary school. One needs to be so careful with the choices you make regarding your children, and we make sure that when it comes to child care, you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

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