Child Day Care in Newcastle Under Lyme

child day care in Newcastle under LymeLook for a reputable child day care in Newcastle under Lyme that strives to provide the best child day care services. Every parent wants to feel that their child is safe and well taken care of. Rainbow Day Nursery comes nothing short of providing a safe and well-maintained environment for kids aged between 0 – 5. Attending nursery in a welcoming and fun environment equips your child with the necessary social skills that help him when it is time to join the school environment. Apart from developing social skills, we offer a well-organised and enjoyable curriculum that ensures that your child is skilled in literacy, numeracy, physical development, communication and phonics. These play a big role so that your child adapts to school life smoothly and easily.

For parents in Newcastle under Lyme, child day care services are offered by Rainbow Day Nursery. With over 30 years of experience, you are assured of quality services for your child. Whether you’re a single parent working all day or if you feel your child needs to spend time with other children his age, we provide a wonderful and viable alternative for the care and education of your child. We are also registered with the National Day Nurseries Association and Ofsted. This means we are regularly inspected by officials from Ofsed and we are p leased that they have nothing but positive remarks about our nursery.

It is handy to have a child day care in Newcastle under Lyme that is open for 51 weeks every year. If you would like more information about a reputable day care centre, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. We provide day care services from 7:30am to 6pm every Monday to Friday. On offer is a playroom, quiet baby rooms and self-contained rooms specifically for made for babies, as well as safe outdoor areas. Our outdoor areas include a safe surface with climbing frames, swings and a well-maintained lawn garden. Children are constantly supervised by our highly trained and experienced staff.

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