Child Day Care Centre in Audley

Child Day Care Centre in AudleyChoosing the right child day care centre in Audley is perhaps one of the most important parenting decisions that you can make. At Rainbow Day Nursery  we believe that the child’s all round development is as important as keeping her/him safe, well-fed, clean and happy. Our cheerful, bright and safe environment is ideal for children ranging in age from six weeks to five years. Our facility is located conveniently close to the Newcastle upon Lyme town centre and also to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire. What your child can look forward to with us is hours of fun, indoor and outdoor play, and lots of creative and intellectual activities. All our staff have a minimum of at least NVQ 3 qualifications in child-care and we also have a Senco trained worker on-site at all times to provide professional child-related advice and assistance.

Apart from this, we also have regular access to speech therapists, health visitors, and play therapists to ensure that your child receives complete attention at all times. In Audley, child day care centres have to be chosen carefully as there could be several less-than-professional services available. They may offer lower rates but in the long run, it would cost you dearly if your child were to be harmed in any way in such places. We believe that though day care centres can never take the place of a parent, we can certainly provide the warmth, comfort and safety that are pretty close to the real thing.

Always make a personal visit to a child day care centre in Audley before you entrust your child to them. Observe the children there – do they look active, happy and relaxed? Are the premises clean and safe? You also need to check hygiene and cultural sensitivity. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery for more information about our child day care centre. Our full-time cook prepares delicious, healthy, fresh food that is in keeping with the dietary requirements of young and growing children. This includes breakfast, lunch, tea and also a regular supply of fresh fruit and drinks. Our Healthy Eating Award is testimony to our commitment to your child’s well-being.


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