Childcare Centre in Knutton

Childcare Centre in KnuttonEntrust your precious cherubs to the best childcare centre in Knutton. At Rainbow Day Nursery, we provide premium quality day care for infants and children from age 0 to 5. We are a well-established business, with more than three decades’ experience. Most of our business comes to us via word-of-mouth recommendations from former clients who have valued our services. One of the reasons why we have maintained our standards is because we ensure that we comply with current industry regulations. For new parents who want to pick the right day care centre, it’s important to do a lot of homework beforehand. Otherwise, the results can be disastrous. Your child could face neglect or even abuse, may fall prey to frequent illnesses if the place is not hygienic, could suffer injuries in accidents and worse. They may become depressed and develop a host of emotional problems because children of that age are not able to tell you what is wrong in their environment.

For young families in Knutton, childcare centres should be chosen after you have visited a few and checked their credentials and functioning first-hand. Select one that’s close to your home or workplace so that your child doesn’t have a long commute. Look for a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere and pay attention to the other kids there: do they look well cared for, happy, cheerful, busy with activities? Trust your instincts. Another important aspect is the facility itself. Is it well-lit, airy, with lots of indoor and outdoor play areas, brightly-coloured and inviting? Does it have its certification prominently displayed?

A top-quality childcare centre in Knutton should have good systems in place to deal with every aspect of functioning, from opening and closing times to handling emergencies. You also need to know if they can be flexible at times when you need it. When you are looking for a professionally run childcare centre, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.  We are registered with Ofsted and the National Day Nurseries Association. This gives our clients the confidence and trust that we are capable of providing the best of care. We’re open Monday to Friday, 51 weeks in the year, from 7.30 am to 6 pm.

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