Choose Safe, Secure and Happy Child Care in Kidsgrove

child care in KidsgroveProper child care in Kidsgrove requires a structured learning environment. If that sounds a bit tight-lipped, we assure you, it’s quite the opposite at Rainbow Day Nursery. Children will learn wherever they are with or without help. They can’t not learn so they will learn using whatever is at hand. Left unsupervised, they will learn what’s in the medicine cabinet, how to turn the cooker on and all the commercial jingles on the TV. If it’s out of reach, they will find a way. Of course, no one wants that kind of unstructured environment for their children. At home, if your curious child picks up your favourite vase to examine, you probably gently replace it with something appropriate.

Our nursery has established a learning environment where kids can freely play and learn safely. In Kidsgrove, child care at our facility is sectioned for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Each area is well supervised with experienced child care professionals. The toys and activities are age appropriate. The amount of supervision and structure is based on the age of the child. Preschooler learning is more structured than the toddlers. Even infants are learning. They do so by watching movements, hearing sounds and soothing sensations. Children are more comfortable and secure in a predictable environment. Our activities are predictably scheduled each day. They quickly learn what behaviour is expected and will be the first to let you know if you step out of line.

Child care in Kidsgrove means time to run and play using large muscles. At Rainbow Day Nursery, we provide safe and secure outdoor play areas, including a safety surface area for swinging and climbing. We also have pedal and scooter toys in our all-weather play area. The facility is structured to be safe, secure and mentally stimulating. The children themselves are free to learn through play and satisfy their many curiosities. The restrictions are minimal and mostly have to do with safety, good habits and manners. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery or just pop in for a look-see. We think you’ll be impressed with our staff and our colourful sparkling clean facility. You’ll see happy children free to learn in their own natural way under careful supervision.

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