Nursery Places for Babies in Silverdale, Finest Care Available for Your Child

Nursery Places for Babies in SilverdaleNursery places for babies in Silverdale have different ideas about how best to care for babies. At Rainbow Day Nursery, we have been committed to providing the finest care for children 0 to 5 years of age for over 30 years. Within that range, the needs of each age group differ greatly. Our four and five-year-olds are busy preparing for big school with fun activities that teach, numbers, letters, reading and responsibility. Our very busy toddler group is learning to use large and small muscle groups, colours, social skills, cause and effect, self-feeding, manners, and so much more. Our babies are being fed, loved, and enjoying moderate stimulation in a quiet and separate environment. Each age group has its own safe and age-appropriate learning and playing area at our facility.

Our babies sleep a lot so they each have their own individual cot with their own mobile. We think that in Silverdale, nursery places for babies should offer the security that comes with continuity and familiarity. So their crib and mobile never changes. To the extent it’s possible, we maintain continuity in caregivers. We enjoy a very low turnover rate so children are always surrounded with familiar faces. Soft lighting and music contribute to the calming environment. Comforting and soft familiar voices help maintain calm in the nursery. Comfy rocking chairs, on time feedings and appropriate levels of activity are all part of our safe nursery room.

Choosing nursery places for babies in Silverdale may cause some anxiety for young parents. That is understandable since they are entrusting their health and safety of their baby to strangers. Let us assure that at Rainbow Day Nursery, we have built an award winning reputation for health, safety, education and pure joy. Our safe and sanitary facility meets the highest standards. Placing your baby in our care means that as the baby grows over the next five years, he or she can do so in one familiar place. Age appropriate skills will be introduced at each level right through to the start of big school. Contact Rainbow Day Nursery and schedule a visit with us. We welcome you and your child to our care facility.

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