Kids Nursery in Chesterton, Well-Established with Qualified Caregivers

Kids Nursery in ChestertonOur kids’ nursery in Chesterton is iconic. We’ve been a fixture in our present location for over 30 years. Our day nursery is consistently rated highly by parents and Ofsted. We have both a baby nursery and a kid’s nursery on site. The baby nursery is quiet and set apart. Each baby has his or her own crib and is attended by loving caregivers who see to babies every comfort and need. We accept children aged 0-5 years of age. Apart from our self-contained baby room are specialised areas for the toddlers and pre-school children. Our children grow strong and learn through play in age specific environments. That includes indoor and outdoor play areas. Here, children can let off some energy and give their large muscles a workout in a safe and supervised area.

Toddlers learn using age appropriate educational toys and manipulatives to exercise their small motor muscles. For our families in Chesterton, kids nursery offers training in social skills and good manners. Our four and five year olds are lively learners preparing for big school. By now most are enjoying caring friendships and together they learn to communicate and further their physical development. We also instil them with basic skills such as numbers and reading through phonics which will serve as a solid foundation as they start school. Our facility is clean, aesthetically appealing to children and safe. Quiet rooms are available for resting and quiet activities. Our lunchroom chef serves freshly prepared meals and snacks.

Children attending our kids nursery in Chesterton like and benefit from consistency. We are fortunate to have a low turnover rate in teachers and caregivers. Our rates are reasonable and we offer discounts for additional children in a family. It’s important to prepare all children for school so we do offer scholarships to deserving families of four and five year olds. If our kids nursery is how you envision your child’s day, contact Rainbow Day Nursery. Pay us a visit and observe our children playing and learning. If you want to introduce your child slowly and stay with them at the beginning, that’s fine. We promise you they will adapt quickly and join in the fun. We maintain ongoing communication with our parents at nursery and home so we are all on the same page with the child’s development.

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