Kids Nursery in Kidsgrove

Kids Nursery in KidsgroveWe are very proud of our kids nursery in Kidsgrove. It is possible that after 26 years in business we will begin to see some second generation kids among our young clients. We would enjoy that achievement. We attribute our success to our well trained and educated staff as well as our attractive facility. Kids and their parents are happy here with the services we lovingly provide. There is one major factor to our success that should not be discounted and that is our location. Parents who work at Newcastle under Lyme town centre, the University Hospital of North Staffordshire or Newcastle College are only a few minutes from their children.

In Kidsgrove, kids’ nursery Rainbow Day Nursery is a great convenience for parents who work close by. Parents are more comfortable knowing their children are not far from them. Their mind is more at ease knowing they can be with their child in minutes if needed.  When your workplace and day nursery is in such close proximity to each other, morning drop offs and evening pick-ups are easier. Of course, our location would not mean much without the stellar reputation we enjoy. We employ good people to care for your children. Yes, they are educated, certified, healthy and experienced in child care. All of that matters only when accompanied by a nurturing spirit.

Rainbow Day Nursery is a safe and happy kids nursery in Kidsgrove for children 6 weeks to five years. Parents often experience stress early on when leaving their children in a day nursery. We have endeavoured to make the transition easier by encouraging parents to participate in a settling-in period. Parents stay at Rainbow Day Nursery with their child. Gradually they begin leaving them to play with others, extending the time. Parent and child adapt very easily. While the parent is here with their child they can observe first-hand the safety of our play areas and the selection of interactive toys. It is amazing how quickly children learn through play. They can observe how the caregivers interact with the children and sample our chef’s prepared food. Parents are more relaxed at work when they can visualise their child’s daily activities. For more information about a kids nursery, contact Rainbow Day Nursery.

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