Holiday Fun Club in Burslem

Holiday Fun Club in BurslemHoliday fun club in Burslem is for the toddler that believes themselves to be a big kid now and they don’t want to stay anywhere that is called a baby nursery. At Rainbow Day Nursery we have a lovely baby nursery where babies have their own crib and mobile to watch and loving ladies to cuddle and rock them. That’s not where your two or three year old wants to go. So bring them to Holiday Fun Club which just happens to be at Rainbow Day Nursery. It’s a big step up for the kiddies. They have their own table and chairs where they will learn to mind their manners, eat lunch and draw pictures. Plenty of safe and fun educational toys are available to help develop their large and small motor skills.

Finger painting inside and riding 3 wheelers outside is the best. In Burslem, a holiday fun club is where the big kids go to build tall towers, learn how to button and practice sharing. We love to play music and learn our colours. We have a long history of caring for children and letting them grow and explore in a safe environment at their own pace. As they turn four and five we begin preparing them for big school. They will learn their letters and numbers and practice beginning sight word reading. During this time they learn more responsibility and how to listen quietly. They will begin to practice holding writing utensils and colouring within the lines. All good practice for developing small motor skills needed for writing.

Whether in the baby nursery, preschool or holiday fun club in Burslem, your children are cherished at Rainbow Day Nursery. Contact us today for more information about our services. Our facility is bright, clean and colourful. It is a great place for children to spend every day or just a few days each week while parents do grown up stuff like work. Come experience for yourself our nurturing environment, great meals and snacks prepared fresh on the premises and spacious learning and play areas. Our staff is highly trained with many years of experience in child care and development. We value close communication with our parents so we are always working together for the benefit of the child.

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